Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is YouTube the new creative goldmine?

Kozyndan’s Colored Rabbits:


Sony Bravia: Colored Rabbits:

Ad Agency: Fallon UK.

The makers of the ad admit that they'd seen the artwork prior to shooting, but deny that it influenced them.

Eyebrows Dance:

Cadbury’s Eyebrows Dance:

Ad Agency: Fallon UK.

West 49 Gorilla:

Cadbury’s Gorilla:

Ad Agency: Fallon UK.

David Letterman: Bouncing Balls in San Francisco.

Sony Bravia: Bouncing Balls in San Francisco.

Ad Agency: Fallon UK.

Mark Simon Lewis’ film: Zoetrope

Sony Bravia: Zoetrope

Ad Agency : Fallon, UK.

“I got a sense the Sony ad was maybe influ­enced by Mark’s film,” says Katie Daniels, a freelance producer who worked on the film and contacted CR at the time of the blog story on the Bravia spot. “Obviously the idea of a zoetrope is not new, but from the atmosphere I had a sense that they’d watched the film. But it wouldn’t be so grating if they hadn’t got in touch and then we’d not heard from them again, that was bad etiquette. Directors are creating these films as showpieces for little or no money in the hope they’ll get commercial work.”

Following the furore on the blog, Fallon explained that the contact had been made with Hewis in relation to a different strand of the project for Sony, and that the production of the Bravia-drome ad was already well underway by the time this occurred. The agency is also categorical in its assertion that it never takes its ideas from outside sources. “We would be doing ourselves a huge disservice if we were found to be deliberately taking an idea from elsewhere,” says Fallon partner Chris Willingham. “That’s so fundamental to our work, and why clients choose us.”

Peter Fischli and David Weiss Rube Goldberg Chain Reaction:

Honda: Cog: Rube Goldberg Chain Reaction:

Ad Agency: Wieden+ Kennedy, UK.

Tony Davidson, creative director at Wieden & Kennedy, said the (Honda Cog) film carried various cultural references. He told Creative Review: "Advertising references culture and always has done. Part of our job is to be aware of what is going on in society. There is a difference between copying and being inspired by."

Michel Gondry Music Video:

Talk Talk:

Ad Agency: CHI, UK.

Takeuchi Taijin's Wolf and Pig film:

Olympus PEN Camera:

Ad Agency: DSG, Germany.

Student Film: Insert Coin:

Coke: Happiness Factory:

Ad Agency: Wieden+ Kennedy, USA.

Robert Siedel: Appearing Disappearance:

appearing disappearance | 0:35 min | d 2007 | Advanced Beauty from 2minds on Vimeo.

“Appearing disappearance is part of the high definition art project Advanced Beauty from 2007. It was curated by Universal Everything (universaleverything.com) and scored by Freefarm (freefarm.co.uk). Sadly it only was released on DVD, but here in its intended HD detail. A full HD version can be found at my homepage.

It's basically a hypercomplex structure made out of intervening layers of motion, that reveal over several viewings. There are even mocap driven traces of humans in the image, but often they are just overseen. A "backwards version" called "disappearing appearance" was produced as well and should help to unveil all the details...

It was "referenced" by Psyop for a Nokia spot (vimeo.com/2549728) without my knowledge. But not only me, also UVA (vimeo.com/2376770) appears in the spot... Any comments on such a shameless behaviour are more than welcome!”

~ Robert Siedel

Eliza Williams' excellent article The YouTube Dilemma from Creative Review’s May issue (which you can read here) discussed the difficulties ad agencies are getting themselves into over YouTube.

On the one hand, here is a rich source of ideas to "borrow" and adapt for campaigns; on the other, is the realization that they cannot get away with simply taking others' ideas for their own use as they would have done in the past.

I agree with Mr Tony Davidson that “advertising references culture” but where does one draw the line?

What do you feel? Please post in the comments section.

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Akshav said...

well there may be nothing new under the sun but with youtube you can actually check if people, "knew" what was already under the sun, ... in specific detail. as far as i'm concerned if you can make a case for plagerism and or theft, and or have damages to seek, then one should make it. at the very least, create some kind of statement calling out those "biting" in some cases "choking" on the influence of others. my name on vimeo is me you them and on youtube it is womp2007, i make insane video collages about a variety subjects, on youtube there r 3 about mcluhan and on vimeo one about robot racism and open source, in the same clip. i personally think all species should become connoisseurs of aggravation like every other atom comprised entity.